David Tejeiro, the first person on the planet to complete a stunt that combines two extreme sports:

Paragliding + wingsuit base jumping.

The youngest of the “Malaguita” brothers, he started paragliding at the age of 8, following the example of his brothers Javi and Manu and encouraged by his father. Today he is not only an outstanding acro pilot, he also shares with his brothers a taste for paramotoring and the most radical manoeuvres and, for the last few years, he has also been practicing skydiving, base jumping and wingsuit jumping.

After more than four years of training, this young athlete has managed to perform his most radical maneuver, executing multiple loops on the vertical of the paraglider, turning alongside the wing, and activating in parallel a release system that catapults him to more than 200 km/h, allowing him to glide later, with the wingsuit and finally open his parachute to land.

David has the ability to make the difficult easy and possible, being the first athlete in the world is not something everyone can do, and he can say so, achieving his “World Record of 202 consecutive loops“.

He has performed this extreme risky manoeuvre twice. He managed to perform it for the first time on a technical test day in Organyà (Lérida) and again in Algodonales, Cádiz. Two locations with the ideal weather conditions for the practice of flying sports.

Now focusing on flying helicopters, he wants to create a world of adventures, trips with friends in the middle of nature and many flights in all its forms.

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He is an expert in paramotor acrobatics, taking more and more risks until he becomes a “birdman”.

What makes him take these risks is the adrenaline and the feeling of freedom that paragliding gives him, moving with equal ease in the sky and on the ground and making the difficult seem easy. For David, the air is where he is most comfortable.

He also cycles and wanted to take to the skies on two wheels, so he ended up taking up paragliding.


David Tejeiro and Daniel Illescas have taken on a new challenge together: an aerial swing at a height of 300 metres. Spectacular!

They have once again given us some impressive images. The paragliding and wingsuit flying expert and Illescas agreed to ride an aerial swing over a beach in Malaga.

Above, David steering the powered paraglider. Below, hanging from some ropes, Daniel. Total confidence, adrenaline, beautiful scenery and a lot of fun.

“We did it on a beach where the wind was coming in perfectly. We set off from the sand and soared up to 250-300 metres”, explains Tejeiro.


A history-making jump: together they formed a figure in the sky over Toledo (Ocaña).

Never before had we seen anything like this in Spain, up to 13 “birdmen” jumped out of the same plane at 5,000 metres above the ground, perfectly synchronised. The maneuver had to be millimetric, and they finally managed to beat the national record.

The challenge was to perform the same figure in the air as the one on the ground, but at speeds in excess of 200 km/h. A highly risky manoeuvre, as they have to be skilled enough not to take any mid-air collision.

David Tejeiro, como profesional de parapente y paramotor acrobático, comenta el vuelo sobre el Everest a 8.000 metros de altura de Pierre Carter de 55 años, un logro histórico en la cumbre de nuestro planeta.

Se necesita un duro entrenamiento para hacer este tipo de vuelo, ya que a tanta altura, la respiración se dificulta por la falta de densidad y el parapente vuela menos.


Some of the best aerobatic pilots in the world compete in the most important aerial festival in Spain.

The second most important festival in Europe brings together more than 400 paragliding and paramotor pilots in a unique environment, La Sierra de Cazorla, Segura, and Las Villas where the pilots have had to overcome a difference in altitude of more than 1.000 metres.


The Malaguita brothers go around the world with a paragliding show. What started as entertainment has turned them into specialists who are hired in many countries.

They have been paragliding since they were 8 years old, when their father, one of the pioneers of the sport, began to teach them to fly.

It is their way of life. First it was a hobby, then they tried competition, and now they are the show themselves. They have been to almost every country in Europe, as well as the United States, Mexico and even Kuwait, where they were asked to set up a paragliding school to introduce this risky sport.


Dreaming of flying has always been David’s desire. He adds paragliding, also with a motor, to the more risky skydiving. Many call David a “birdman”.

This risky manoeuvre catapults David practically into nothingness, gliding in his wingsuit for more than 2 minutes. It is a unique exercise in the world that this young athlete has been practising for the past few years.


The best in the world in paramotoring

David and his brothers are experts in acrobatic paramotoring. There are only seven pilots in the world who perform this speciality, and three of them are the Malaguita brothers. They have been doing it since they were kids as a way of life.

They are true experts in paragliding and paramotor acrobatics. One of their favourite acrobatics is the Infinity with paramotor.